Workbook 1 – Visualize my ideal business

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Find your core purpose & align your dream lifestyle to your professional aspirations.

Available in English & French editions.

I am excited to share with you this first volume of my brand strategy workbooks! This workbook collection will help you explore your business's foundations and support you in building a firm long-term business strategy.

Launching your dream business is a big challenge that can be quite overwhelming, and most entrepreneurs feel confused when defining their brand's positioning and visual identity. But don't worry, here I am to guide you on this journey!  🚀 Enjoy this workbook as a personal journal to develop your ideas, be kind to yourself, and be creative and ambitious! ✨

When transforming your passion into a professional activity, enjoy the freedom that entrepreneurship offers you! Feel free to fix your own rules and create an environment that will make your daily routine fulfilling and inspiring. Your professional project is UNIQUE and is the perfect opportunity to align your ideal life with your professional aspirations.

In this unit, your mission is to ask yourself how you would like to transform your personal and professional life. Through pages of questions and exercises, you'll identify your core purpose and envision the business of your dreams. ✏

In this workbook, you will work on:

  • Finding your core purpose & formulate your life mission.
  • Set your personal goals & define what success is for you.
  • Learn from your past professional experiences.
  • Gain clarity on your dream lifestyle & your aspirations.
  • Visualize your ideal business concept to live your passion.
  • Project yourself into your perfect daily routine.

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This download includes: 1 personal workbook delivered as an interactive .PDF file. Contains 17 pages, including questions and exercises to help you work on your business foundation.


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Workbook 1 – Visualize my ideal business

3 ratings
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